Are you ready for the best weekend of your relationship? If so, we're excited to welcome you and share what we've learned through the years about the importance of taking the time to reconnect with each other, and how that time helps you grow together, rather than a part.

We can't wait to share our top tips for taking your energies and relationship to the next level during this intimate, virtual weekend! Our workshop will cover a multitude of topics and offer access to guest speakers to help elevate you and reconnect your purpose together as a team.


We invite you to take the weekend off, set up a cozy space, and dedicate this weekend to your lives together as a couple. 


    March 12-13th, 2021

    FRIDAY the 12th from 6pm-8:30pm EST


    2.5 Hours of deep dive and kickoff.

    SATURDAY the 13th from

    9:30am-12:30pm EST


    Morning guest speakers and conversation.


    Learn more about your partner's love language and the benefits of communicating through them.


    We've learned from experience the importance of reconnection and how to grow together, rather than a part. We are excited to share our top tips and guide you through making this a priority in your relationship.


    We have an entire evening planned for you, featuring some of our favorite guests. Learn from the experts on how to realign, reconnect, and grow together!


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